Carboxyl Magnetic Particles Smooth 2.5% w/v 4.0-5.0 um

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2.5% w/v
Nominal Size:
4.0-5.0 um
Package Size:
100 mL
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Carboxyl Magnetic Particles Smooth 2.5% w/v 4.0-5.0 um is available at Gentaur for Next week Delivery.

At GENTAUR a wide variety of SPHERO Magnetic Particles is offered:

The SPHERO Magnetic Particles have a wide range of uses such as cell separation, affinity purification, DNA probe assays, magnetic particle EIA, etc.

The SMP are produced by coating a layer of magnetite and polystyrene on monodispersed polystyrene core particles. The magnetite contents of the magnetic particles can be a subject of further adjustment but usually it is in the range of 10% to 15% for mps. Even after repeated exposure to a strong magnetic field the particles will not retain detectable magnetism.

Spherical in shape, paramagnetic in nature and uniformal in size particles are available.