dna template slippage

dna template slippage

DNA Dynamics under Periodic Force Effects

It was shown that under the influence of an external periodic force, a DNA molecule can perform oscillatory movements with a specific frequency characteristic of this molecule, which differs from the frequency of the external influence ω. It was found that the frequency of such specific vibrations of a DNA molecule depends on the sequence of nucleotides. Using the developed mathematical model describing the rotational motion of the nitrogenous bases around the sugar– phosphate chain, it is possible to calculate the frequency and amplitude of the oscillations of an individual DNA area. Such calculations can find application in the field of molecular nanotechnology

  1. angular deviation of the i-pendulum of the j-chain, counted counterclockwise,
  2. moment of inertia of the i-pendulum of the j-chain;
  3. distance from the center of mass of the i-pendulum of the j-chain to the thread;
  4. constant characterizing the torque of the i-section of the j-thread;
  5. constant characterizing the elastic properties of the connection of the i-pair of pendulums;
  6. external influence on the i-pendulum of the j-chain at time t.


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