dna block

dna block

dna block


Rapid turnaround time

Within 24 hours after receiving sample

  1. Flexible sample submission (see details in sample submission guidelines)
  2. Accept samples submitted in different tube formats: 1.5 ml tubes, strip tubes and 96-well plates
  3. Allow for various types of template: Plasmid, unpurified or purified PCR product
  4. Premix your primer/template in the same sample or send them in separate tubes

Free Standard Primers (complete list)
Over 40 different Standard Primers available with no additional charge

High quality
Read length up to 1 kb on ABI 3730xl equipment with full QC review of all data

  • Easy-to-use online quotation/ordering system
  • Convenient data retrieval through secure server

Cost effective
Up to 40% less than your current pricing for Gene Sequencing

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