Gentaur Peptide antibodies to epitopes from 15 to 35 amino acids


Gentaur alpaca monoclonal E. coli recombinant single domain sdAbs for targeting intracellular as well as extracellular proteins.

  1. Gentaurs transfection-based expression strategy for transgenic animals and plants where the cells are transfected in vitro.
  2. Direct in vivo transfection has been achieved for skin cells using ballistic DNA-immunization and for the liver using hydrodynamic transfection by intravenous bolus injections of DNA in a large volume.
  3. Low in vivo expressen because the long CDR3 of many camelid and shark antibodies could potentially open the possibility of creating synthetic peptide mimetics.
  4. The peptide derived from the CDR3 of the lysozyme blocking camel Ab cabLys3 was shown to block lysozyme activityH
  5. Much higher concentrations of this “peptibody” were required for inhibiting lysozyme than of the parental VHH .
  6. Synthetic peptibodies can be delivered more efficiently to the cytosol than larger sdAbs.
  7. Molecular assembly vaccines with immunogenicity of repetitive proteins could potentially be exploited also for increasing vaccine efficiency.
  8. Lumazine synthase from Brucella abortus monobodies

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