Interleukin and chronic inflammation: From its discovery to clinical targeting

39-EPC-50 Epcam 50 nm
50-MHN-020P Anti 4-HNE monoclonal antibody
50-MOG-100P Anti 8-OHdG monoclonal antibody
52-MA-5A6 Mouse monoclonal to human 85 kDa LRP
54-C1000-230V-EU MPS 1000 Mini Plate Spinner Centrifuge
54-C1301-230V-EU Spectrafuge Mini complete with 1.5/2.0 m
54-I5110-230V Mini Incubator, 230V, includes EU and UK
60-ABP-pab-10536 CH-bone morphogenetic protein
60-AB¨-FP-WPNCS10 Alleleustrious pmWasabi-E. Coli bac
60-PAB-10494 Anti-EDG4   AB Endothelial different. sp
60-RVC-10001 ECO-Phoenix Ampho / Eco Cell Link
60-RVK-10001 Phoenix Retroviral Expression System
62-CR-701 Chicken Spleen Total RNA
62-CR-702 Chicken Thymus Total RNA, 50mg
62-DR-701 Ready to use Dog Total RNA 100µg
62-GF-180 Ferret genomic DNA
62-GGUP Guinea pig genomic DNA, 100µg
62-GMOU Mouse genomic DNA 100 µg
62-GRAT Rat genomic DNA
62-HR-401 Human Testis Total RNA
62-HT-401 Human Testis Total Protein 1mg
62-MAP-MT3 Mixed Tissue Microarray Panel 3
62-MN-200 Mouse Adult Brain Northern Blot
62-MN-MT-2 Mixed major tissues-2
62-MN-MT-3 Mouse Rare Tissue Northern Blot
62-MT-413-18 Mouse Placenta Total Protein        1 mg
62-PR-701 Porcine Spleen Total RNA  100 µg
62-RD-705 Rat Blood cDNA
63-M34833109 Rosiglitazone
63-M54083239 Gemcitabine, 10mg
65-CQMT-500 CellQuanti-MTT™ Cell Viability Assay Kit
65-DALP-250 QuantiChrom™ Alkaline Phosphatase Assay
65-DARG-200 QuantiChrom™ Arginase Assay Kit 200
65-DIBR-180 QuantiChrom™ Bilirubin Assay Kit 180
65-DICU-250 QuantiChrom™ Copper Assay Kit 250
65-DIET-500 QuantiChrom™ Ethanol Assay Kit 500
65-DIGL-200 QuantiChrom™ Glucose Assay Kit 200
65-DIGT-250 QuantiChrom™ Glutathione Assay Kit 250
65-DIHB-250 QuantiChrom™ Hemoglobin Assay Kit 250
65-DIMG-250 QuantiChrom™ Magnesium Assay Kit 250
65-DIZN-250 QuantiChrom™ ZincAssay Kit 250
65-EGCN-100 EnzyChrom™ Glycogen Assay Kit 100
65-EGLY-200 EnzyChrom™ Glycerol Assay Kit 200
68-CAC-NMDND001 Anti Cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer, 1vail
68-REC-RCAB0002P-F Anti Nanog, 100µl
71-ACL1500-1000 Horse Blood (normal), in Alsevers, filte
71-AN5511 Accu-Prep Lymphocytes
71-BCR60/67 3'-Sialyllactose-APD HSA 0.5 mg
71-BCR60/93 6'Sialyllactose-APD HSA
77-CAB1001 Anti TAP Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody  50
77-CAB4255 Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-SNAP antibody 100
77-IHS1380 Incyte FL Human cDNA Clone
77-MHS1011 Hu MGC Verified Full Length cDNA Clone
77-ohs4559 Human ORFeome Collaboration
77-PEC3876 E. coli Promoter Clone
77-YSC1049 Yeast Parental Strains - BY4742
79-011211 PTL-98-499, 500
79-018334 PTL-9-426, 750
79-060900 LABXPERT-KEY (INTL), 1
79-060902 LABXPERT-HC-KEY, 1
79-060932 XSL-108-461, 500
79-060935 XSL-123-461, 500
79-062268 PTL-78-499, 250
79-062277 PTL-80-424, 250
79-081021 PAL-750-499, 5,8 m
79-081033 IDPAL-HC, 1
79-217079 BPT-616-488, 3 000
79-218550 TLS2200-EUR, 1
79-218557 TLS2200-ACEUR, 1
79-361064 BBP11-VP (peel and present)
79-361065 BBP11-SK (media holder)
79-361072 BBP11-34L, english
79-361072-PC BBP11-34L, english + PC
79-361076 BBP1 1 -34L  300dpi  Dutch
79-4600 Honeywell 4600 scanner
79-701856 Sign on Roll - Biological hazard symbol
79-800781 X-82-499, 300
79-803031 Programmation on Site
79-804465 R-7950 110mmx70m /O
80-ELH-AR-001 Human Amphiregulin Elisa Kit
87-N213220 Anti 4-HNE Antibody
87-YK011 Mouse-C-Peptide_EIA
87-YK050 Rat Leptin ELISA Kit
88-EMA2201-1 Mouse Albumin ELISA Kit
88-EML2001-1 Mouse Leptin ELISA Kit
88-ERB1202-1 Rat BNP-45 ELISA Kit
88-ET1020-1 Human TAT Complexes ELISA Kit
88-EV2030-1 Human vWF ELISA Kit
89-GT15051-100 Goat Anti-Islet-1, 100µg
89-GT15183-100 IGFBP-5, affinity purified antibody, goa
94-4087 Uni-Cassette® Biopsy Blue; 500/cs    1 x
95-RCYT-300B IGFBP-3 Recombinant Human
95-RENZ-281A dUTPase Recombinant Thermostable dUTPase
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    IL-7, rat recombinant is available at Gentaur for Next week delivery. A cytokine important for B and T cell development Biomolecule/Target: IL-7 Alternates names: IL-7, Interleukin-7 Synonyms: IL-7, Interleukin-7 Background Information: IL-7 is a...
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