Carboxyl Fluorescent Particles Nile Red 0.5% w/v 10.0-14.0 um

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5% w/v
Nominal Size:
10.0-14.0 um
Package Size:
2 mL
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Carboxyl Fluorescent Particles Nile Red 0.5% w/v 10.0-14.0 um is available at Gentaur for Next week Delivery.

At GENTAUR a wide variety of Fluorescent Particles is offered:

Fluorescent Particles are excellent tools for bioimaging and biosensing thanks to their stability and uniformal fluorescence. Fluorescent particles with functional groups for covalent binding of proteins, peptides and antibodies and particles covered with functuonal groups such as Amino groups, Carboxyl groups, Dimethylamino groups are available.:

• We offer a wide gam of particles with large range in terms of size, fluorophores, intensity of the fluorescence and various surface functional groups:

• The SPHERO fluorescent microparticles are produced by staining polystyrene particles with a fluorophore solution or by polymerizing a fluorophore in styrene in the presence of polystyrene core particles.:

• The fluorophores of our SPHERO fluorescent particles are NOT soluble in water which gives them a great stability.